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How do you divide the marital property?

Under Thai Law, properties during divorce may fall into two types; Sin Suan Tua as separate property and Sin Somros as marital property.

Divorce Property in Thailand

Sin Suan Tua - considered as separate property to a marriage are the following:

Sin Somros - considered as marital property are as follow:

If there is doubt as to whether a property is Sin Somros or not, it shall be presumed to be Sin Somros.

Sin Somros is commonly the subject of marital property division in divorce. But sometimes, even Sin Suan Tua becomes the topic of argument. A 50-50 division of the Sin Somros is the most reasonable arrangement. If the couple's investments during marriage include money or company shares, sharing becomes less difficult. However, houses and vehicles are the usual investments of couples during their marriage, and these cannot be physically split in half without altering or losing the use and value of the property. A compromise on who amongst the parties will enjoy the property has to be met in order for them to arrive at a divorce agreement. They may also opt to sell all the marital property and share the proceeds of the sale.



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The family law in Thailand is fairly straightforward. Foreigners must first obtain clearance from their respective embassies.

M & S Law Office 20006 can help co-ordinate the procurement of official documents from the embassy and have them translated and legalized quickly with minimum problems. Familiarity with the formalities of a Thai marriage, access to qualified translators, and an understanding of the legalization process reduce the likelihood of delays or complications.

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